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Whether you're a registered user or are looking to sign up, this page offers you resources and information about the Agent Connection booking tool. If your question is not answered below, please send us an email at info@THORAgentConnection.com.

Agent Connection is a complete global booking tool for travel agents. What do we mean by a ‘complete global booking tool’? Designed for those accredited travel agents who do not have direct access to a GDS, Agent Connection allows travel agents to book client packages that include, air, car and hotel, in addition to separately booking activities, cruises and insurance.  Plus, the user-friendly console allows travel agents to easily manage bookings and track commission payments, all in the same tool.


Any agent with appropriate accreditations (IATA, TIDS, CLIA, ARC, TRUE).

All Agent Connection users must have an accreditation, either their own or from their host agency.

The host agency must sign up as an Agent Connection member first.  Once the Host Agency’s registration process is completed, they can then invite all affiliated agents, both in-house and independent contractors.

Commissions are paid through Travel Syndication Technology (TST) directly into the agencies account as set up during registration with bill.com.

Bill.com is the automatic deposit system our paying agent, TST, uses for direct deposit. During the registration process, an agency is asked to complete a direct deposit form.

For each Qualified Booking, except for GDS Hotel and Prepaid Hotel, TST will pay our agents an amount equal to the Net Booking Sale multiplied by a specific percentage for that particular merchant (contact THOR for the commission percentage list). For each qualified GDS Hotel and Prepaid hotel booking, TST will pay the agent an amount equal to net collected commission multiplied by the merchant percentages. Additionally, TST will pay agents 80 percent of Net Revenue from an agent’s fees for air service where the agent makes the booking via Agent Connection.

All rates that offer a commission are considered Qualified Bookings, as defined in and pursuant to the Agent Connections Terms and Conditions.

Commissions that have been received are paid within 45 days following the end of each calendar month, allowing agents to receive the commissions they’ve earned quickly. *Please note, your agency must have set up their Bill.com account for direct deposit. An invitation would have been sent to the person that registered your agency for Agent Connection, directly after the registration. If this has not been completed, your commissions will be pending. If you need us to resend the Bill.com invitation, please contact info@THORAgentConnection.com.

Currently Agent Connection only accepts payment in USD, however we are continually working on our contract agreements with other countries so the option to book and pay outside of the U.S. will be a feature coming soon.

Yes, as long as their payment is made in USD with a valid credit card, and that the agent belongs to a U.S. addressed agency.

Agents can use the eye icon to remove the commissions and take a screen shot to share with their clients.

A new quote share feature is coming soon.

At this time, we are discussing the ability to have agencies add their own logos onto the current invoicing, however, it is unknown when that will be ready to use.

Through Agent Connection you are able to book Travel Guard travel insurance for your clients. You do not require a license to do so, since it is booked through a third party, however you will still receive commission for it.

Agents can view the commission rate once they click on the hotel information and view the room options. They will see the commission rate under the room details.

Agents can also click on the ‘Eye’ icon at the top of their screen to hide commissions if they wish to share their screen with clients or take a screenshot to use as a quote for their clients.

On some smaller screens, or if you shrink the browser you are using Agent Connection in, the booking bar hides. You can click the 3 blue bars on the upper left hand of the screen, next to the Agent Connection logo, to expand the booking bar.