Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits

Agent Connection is a free, complete global booking tool for travel agents. This powerful booking tool allows travel agents to book their clients' travel with ease, whether it’s just a hotel they need, or an air, hotel and car package. Some of the features and benefits of the tool include:

  • Free for travel agents to use
  • Ability to book air, car, hotel, cruise and activities all within the same booking tool
  • Guaranteed commissions on Qualified Bookings*
  • A console that provides agents with info on recent bookings, total bookings,
    un-ticketed bookings, partial payments and follow-up flags
  • An easy-to-use search with filter options
  • Ability to add additional components to existing reservations
  • A 24-hour courtesy hold for certain air providers
  • 24/7 technical help desk support
  • Agent help desk support for booking issues
  • On-demand training available

*All rates that offer a commission are considered Qualified Bookings, as defined in and pursuant to the Agent Connection Terms and Conditions.

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